Acceptable Use Policy

Last Revised: 01/01/2022

Unauthorized Access

Use of servers to access or attempt to access other’s accounts, or to penetrate or even attempt to penetrate security measures of our own, or other entity, is absolutely prohibited. This would also be grounds for immediate suspension or termination.

Third Party Accountability: subscribers will be held responsible and accountable for any activity by third parties, using their account that violates guidelines created within the Acceptable Use Policy.

Server and Bandwidth Usage

Several factors can slow down a server. In order to guarantee the fastest possible connections, need to monitor our servers for processes that overload them. Any party that slows our servers down, can and will be notified. reserves the right to kill any process (i.e. end a software's execution) that is overloading a server, or slowing it down heavily.

Server Abuse

Any attempts to undermine or cause harm to a server or client of is strictly prohibited, and is followed by deactivation of the offending account with no refund.

Network and Resource Usage

Any accounts using constantly more than 25% of the total network and system resources will be notified. will ask those accounts (using over 25% constantly) to remove certain material or upgrade to a dedicated, Vpn hosting, else those accounts will be asked to leave in order for all other clients to be able to benefit from speed and fast performance.

This agreement is not assignable or transferable without the express written consent of